• Sunlight-activated magical hair!
  • 6” flower dolls
  • My head and legs can move!
  • Whimsical pixie face
  • Medium skin tone/Hazel green eyes
  • Blue hair turns purple in the sun!
  • Removable flower dress and sandals
  • Collect all 3 Fairy Garden Friends
  • Sparks curiosity and hours of imaginative play
  • Ages 3 and up

“Sprouted from the whimsical seeds in the Fairy Garden Land, are these 3 whimsical flower garden friends. Spending lots of fun as they frolic around, while their hair turns magical in the golden sun!”

Adora Fairy Garden Friend Rose is as lovely as the garden and cheerful as the bird’s chirp. Her favorite ones are the bright-colored flowers thriving all spring-like her namesake rose! As she awaits the perfect bloom, she stays in the treetops all day long as her magical flowy hair changes color to purple in the sun.

Adora Fairy Garden Friend Rose is an interactive, sunlight-activated mini vinyl flower doll. Perfectly framing her ADORAble doll face is her styleable flowy blue hair with fringes that change color in the sun. This mini fashion doll has hazel green eyes and pink lips that match the color of her lovely ensemble. Dressed in a pink flare dress accentuated with pink flower appliques around the waist, your little one will love to play with her anywhere! She also arrives with pink flower sandals that fit perfectly into her tiny feet. Her petite size makes her easy to carry for the little toddlers. Her vinyl head and limbs are rotatable, adding more sweetness to this already sweet petite doll. A MUST-HAVE fashion doll for ages 3 and up.

Inspire young kids to appreciate flowers and plants with our interactive 4-piece doll set Fairy Garden Friends. There is Bluebell, Lavender, and Rose. Each comes with a beautiful flower ensemble and ADORAble personality!

Fairy Garden Friends- Rose